But For YOU

There are many voices that call your name.

There are many ways to play the game.

But for you there is only one voice louder than them all.

It is clearer and more precise and you respond to its call.

There are many ways to love people deeply.

There are many ways to be committed completely.

But for you there is one way to walk.

It is to let your life be an example and not just your talk.

There are lots of chappies who work with the youth.

There are lots of people who speak the truth.

But for you it is all about the community and greater good.

It is living your life passionately, the way that we should.

There are lots of waves to ride

There are lots of kids that fill us with Pride

But for you, your job is your life.

It is much more a part of you just like your little girl and your loving wife.

There is only one way to live this adventure.

To follow the call is the only way to be sure.

Your life has a plan and a purpose that is clear.

So take that step of Faith you have nothing to Fear.

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