Red Sky at Night

The sky was as black as back can be. But lost and found souls would soon be seeing Eternity. A fire deep in the belly of the beast. Gave the flames the opportunity to find the flammable and feast.   The sky was dark but the red started to show. The work that was done […]

Time Thief

Here I am. Full of ideas, a man with a plan. But I never get there. I am like a man trying to catch air. Time slips thru my fingers everyday. I loose valuable amounts and miss out on times to pray. So who are you Thief? Are you real? Or are you just some […]

Not my monkeys

I am flat out controlling myself Let alone all the monkeys climbing up the shelf. Doing this and doing as they please. No matter if I stand or if I am on my knees Some look like they will obey But they too are often lead astray. Chasing shiny things and broken dreams These are […]

Not a Chance

Can you ? When will you? But you won’t  because your eyes are else where. Because you are comfortable and won’t dare.   Will I ? When will I? You know I won’t because of fear. Because of all I hold dear.   Waiting you are. Patient by far You say we are your hands […]

Waiting to die

In modern day France 400 000 souls were not given a chance They stand there and they wait They await their fate Driven back to the sea All of them wanting to be free To go home to Friends and Family To be away from this dreaded enemy But patiently they wait to die As […]

Truly OK

Suddenly as the sun rises into the morning sky Does someone tell a lie One might say it was not intentional However from the heart is its source so there can be no denial   Suddenly as a heart is broken A another untruth can be spoken To destroy a sacred moment in falsehood This […]

One Life

One life lived one life given One life shared one life forgiven One life empowered one life driven One life cared for one life liven One life dared one life unforgiven