To You My Love

Today is but another Day But I will stop for I have something to say I Love you more than these words can express I don’t know how but I ended up with the Best Thank you for letting me into your life For the greatest gift I have is you as my wife.

Too Many Ways

Too Many Ways Come to me all who are lost Come to me all who are tired Come to me those who have been hurt Come to me all who are in pain And I will give you rest and peace Come to me those ready to serve Come to me those ready to lay […]

No More Past

I choose today to not live in the past It is time for my mistakes to no longer last Today is a new day I will take hold of the treasure that comes my way The light will shine Victory will be mine Gone will be the shadow of the lie Gone will be the […]

This Man

I Saw a Man And I heard his story One of sadness and fading glory Once he was a victor on and off the field But now to a personal disaster he must yield Today I meet a man I saw that same man He told me more of his story He showed me photos […]