Broken and Rejected

Broken and Rejected What do you really see ? When you look in the mirror at twenty past three Are you even aware Or do you get shocked and just stare What do you really hear? The Cries of the lost screaming in fear Or the false facades that hide and protect But when we […]

Death Knocks at my Door

Death Knocks at my Door I walk through life without a care Then one day a knock at my door gives me a scare I open to see standing in front of me is my worst nightmare Do I run or do I stand what do I dare? Well giving up is not my thing […]

No One Knows

No one knows No one knows my deepest cry No one knows when I tell a lie Can you see me? Who I truly am I am not what you think, I am not a man No one knows and so I run free No one knows and so I win for all Eternity You […]

Dead Heart

DEAD HEART I am a Big country with lots to see From the red dust plains to the white gum tree There is a people as old as the land Who see things unseen and see the greater plan From a place of times gone by To the now where things do die and where […]

Can you feel it

I walk along a busy beach People running, walking, talking they are close but out of reach. I see the sky glow from pink to red But many miss this sight as they lay in bed I talk with people I do not know Just a pleasant gidday or a casual hello I see some […]

Can You

Can you hear that sound Nothing could be found The Living are being drowned A pauper is being crowned Can you see that sight Nothing seen at night The living are fading away A poor man will save the day Can you taste and see Nothing lost but are you free The living turned to […]

Time Flows

The Rain comes down in sheets The River flows and the shallows are now deep Water is rushing to go somewhere In a hurry but without a care As I watch this amazing seen before my eyes I see a truth in plain disguise Time is given to one and all But it flows like […]

Red Sky at Night

The sky was as black as back can be. But lost and found souls would soon be seeing Eternity. A fire deep in the belly of the beast. Gave the flames the opportunity to find the flammable and feast.   The sky was dark but the red started to show. The work that was done […]