Death Knocks at my Door

Death Knocks at my Door I walk through life without a care Then one day a knock at my door gives me a scare I open to see standing in front of me is my worst nightmare Do I run or do I stand what do I dare? Well giving up is not my thing […]

No One Knows

No one knows No one knows my deepest cry No one knows when I tell a lie Can you see me? Who I truly am I am not what you think, I am not a man No one knows and so I run free No one knows and so I win for all Eternity You […]

Dead Heart

DEAD HEART I am a Big country with lots to see From the red dust plains to the white gum tree There is a people as old as the land Who see things unseen and see the greater plan From a place of times gone by To the now where things do die and where […]