Just a Normal Man

Just a Normal Man ! Just a normal man making his everyday plan Walking with the all powerful who is the only one who can truly Understand. From dust to flesh and back to dust The Gold is in learning to in God Trust. Just a normal man living life everyday Stopping along the journey […]

Daily Weekly Annually

Daily Weekly Annually Divert Daily Take some time everyday for me Withdraw Weekly Take a longer time out each week for me Abandon Annually Get away from it all yearly for me For me to survive in this crazy fast paced planet I just cannot burn out or fade away I need to be proactive, […]

A love our Love

A LOVE OUR LOVE A Love that grows over many years Defeats many enemies and conquers many fears A Love that grows deep and strong Can last our life time and not go wrong Our Love has grown like a forest tree Full of life and strength, depth and purity Our Love has grown into […]

But For YOU

There are many voices that call your name. There are many ways to play the game. But for you there is only one voice louder than them all. It is clearer and more precise and you respond to its call. There are many ways to love people deeply. There are many ways to be committed […]