Death Knocks at my Door

Death Knocks at my Door

I walk through life without a care
Then one day a knock at my door gives me a scare
I open to see standing in front of me is my worst nightmare
Do I run or do I stand what do I dare?

Well giving up is not my thing
So I decide to fight to jump in the ring
No I will not let death be my king
I’ll dance and in the end I’ll sing

But it’s not as I thought
It is indeed a battle that has to be fought
And one in which I have never been taught
So for me wisdom is now sought

There is no chance to throw a left or a right
But I get hit and I truly know it is a fight
Then at the end of the day I stop to write
Then I keep watch all through the night

Prayer is now my power
It enables me to be strong hour after hour
Through it I feel alive it is my strong tower
And I can see deaths strength sour

For me now there is no fear
Win or loose I’ll shed no tear
For only God knows my day and my year
And I’ll go when my name I hear.

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