Red Sky at Night

The sky was as black as back can be.

But lost and found souls would soon be seeing Eternity.

A fire deep in the belly of the beast.

Gave the flames the opportunity to find the flammable and feast.


The sky was dark but the red started to show.

The work that was done was cheap don’t you know.

So because of a few dollars lives will be lost.

So in the aftermath how do we measure the cost.


We stand in awe at the red light shinning bright.

It was only 3 am so it was still night.

200 fire fighters gave their all.

They fought hard, they went beyond the call.


The night has gone but the sky is still red.

Lives lost while they lay in bed.

Tragedy is the word on everyone’s lips.

But be careful and wary of grief and how it grips.


The day is almost over and we know some more.

But we wait and we wait for their are more names we just can’t ignore.

Families Broken Loved ones separated.

Eyes closed tears flow, nothing will help we can’t be compensated.


Night comes again and the red sky glows.

How many souls have been lost no one knows.

But we grieve for everyone.

And we wait for the new day to come.

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